Plugin hybrid TV ad by a power company

AutoblogGreen wrote about the Plugin hybrid vehicle trials the power company Edison International plans with Ford. Seems Edison likes plugin hybrids so much they are singing their praises in TV ads. Last night, I caught a 30 second spot by Edison while watching Larry King interview the Vice President. The ad prominently features plugin hybrids and their benefits.

The commercial has Earth rolling by big text; Renewables, Clean Coal and Plug-In Hybrids. There is a white background and boxes with video like a lady in a pink blouse plugging in a car. Throughout there is a voice over that says "Small planet. Big challenges and a future that rests on our thinking about energy in new and better ways. Like the wider use of cost effective renewables. Clean coal technologies to transform a plentiful American resource into a greener energy source and plugin hybrid electric vehicles working as powerful engines for change. All aimed at making the electricity we use more cost efficient and environmentally sound. Edison International. Life powered by Edison."

This is probably the first time plugin hybrids have turned up in a commercial for a power company. It's great to see them high on the list of solutions. Plugin hybrids have the potential to be a great contributer to a cleaner energy future and it's about time someone said it.

[Source: CNN]

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