Korntastic! (It's rock band Korn's new biofuel brand)

Proving fact is always stranger than fiction, the rock band Korn has plans for a biofuel brand called Korntastic. They had a press conference in New York that included lots of corn. How ironic is that? The band frontman and Prius driver Jonathan Davis said "we all have children, and I just worry about my kids' kids." "I think it's time we really did start trying to do something about getting rid of oil in general. We have the means to fuel cars in different ways. We have the technology to do it. We're doing our part to set the wheels in motion."

They also plan to tour green. They are converting sixteen tour buses to run on biodiesel saving 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That's Korntastic! Korn is working with Music Matters in a program called SMART "Sustainable Minded Artists Recording Touring" and Conserve Fuel. The fuels will be based on soy, corn and other other vegetable and animal oils. The band's new album was released the same day. So you can assume the Time Square press conference was not just to show off their love for corn.

[Source: MTV via Ecorazzi]

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