Ford S-Max spotted in L.A.; headed to the States?

Alert Autoblog reader, Ku Kim, spotted an odd-looking van in Los Angeles traffic. With his always-handy mobile phone, he snapped a couple of pictures of Ford's new S-Max.

But wait, you say, that's not supposed to be here! You're right. The S-Max is Ford's middle-tier European minivan, uh sorry, MPV. (The C-Max is positioned below it, while the Galaxy is the big MPV above it in the heirarchy.)

Could this lone, white S-Max prowling California streets be validation of our January import prediction? With its 5+2 seating, sportier feel and modern lines, the S-Max might be able to carve some sales out of the MPV segment here, but will have stiff competition from the increasingly more CUVs offered by almost every carmaker, including Ford.

Hopefully, this really is an indication of Ford's intention to bring its (at least perceived) superior European offerings across the pond.

Then again, it could be nothing more than a photo shoot in trendy L.A.

Thanks for the tip and photos, Ku Kim!

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