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More on the 2007 Station Wagon Owners Association of America convention

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"Obsessively covering the auto industry" means that when presented with an opportunity to check out some historically interesting cars, we do it. If you don't like station wagons, you might want to scroll down and check out one of our other articles for the time being. For the rest of you who grew up with the classic Detroit-style land barges, check out some of the pictures that we were able to snap last weekend's Station Wagon Owners Association of America convention. With the help of some Volkswagen media guys (who truly went the extra mile to get "the shot") and some station wagon lovers in attendance, we lined up a pretty cool shot that illustrates the progression of VW's station wagon offerings in America. This brings up an interesting point. Volkswagen wanted to show that it sees itself as being a genuine part of classic Americana. With vehicles like the Beetle, Microbus and Karmann Ghia receiving admiring stares from those who remember them from their youth, it's not hard to see why VW feels that way. Likewise, the next generation grew up seeing Volkswagen GTIs on the roads, effectively starting the "hot hatch" category. The Jetta is a particularly American success. While it is the best-selling Volkswagen here in the States, it's hardly mentioned in Europe. So, an argument could be made that the new Jetta Sportwagen belongs right beside the big American station wagons of yesteryear. And so that's where it went, as you'll see in the attached gallery.

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