Car dealer kills two workers who asked for raises

Two employees at an East Point car dealership were shot dead by the owner for having the audacity to ask for a raise. Sounding like something you'd hear about a drug running syndicate as opposed to a used car lot, shop owner Rolandas Milinavicius apparently snapped and shot both employees in the head following their request for extra pay.
According to police reports, Milinavicius admitted to the killings citing stress as the main cause for his violent outburst. The Georgia dealership was used to export American cars to Milinavicius's native Lithuania and had recently run into financial trouble. The two victims were 25-year old Inga Contreras and 28-year old Martynas Simokaitis, the only employees at the car lot and fellow immigrants from Lithuania.

It's always tough asking for a raise but this incident brings about a whole new level of uneasiness. Maybe you should put off that extra pay request for another month or two - just a suggestion.

[Source: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution]

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