Satnav manufacturer TomTom will be emulating a practice that's been going on for years on the internet where data resources are kept up-to-date by information submitted by a user community. Probably the best example of this is Wikipedia, a free online-based encyclopedia filled with information submitted and edited by users like you and I.

In the case of TomTom's GPS devices, users would be able to submit information about traffic flows and highlight any errors in the maps. You may recall stories of several motorists in Europe being directed to drive onto railway tracks and some being instructed to cross a river via a bridge that never existed. The new system is likely to prevent that from happening in the future.

TomTom's new set-up will be called 'Navigation 2.0' and is designed to work with digital maps from another company, Tele Atlas, which TomTom is currently in the process of acquiring. Users from around the world are already sending up to 16,000 tips per month, but, since TomTom doesn't make the maps, the feedback is falling on deaf for now

[Source: Reuters]

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