Acura's non-CUV lineup has been rather quiet lately while the Japanese, German, and American competition have been steadily adding new and refreshed models to their lineup. Judging by these spy shots in the California desert, that's all about to change. The folks over at KGP Photography caught a mystery Acura sedan testing in the middle of the night, and even though the vehicle is heavily camo'd, there are a lot of interesting cues that can't be hidden with black padding.

The sedan appears to be rather large, meaning that it's likely the TL (the RL isn't scheduled to arrive until 2010 or later), which has been on the market virtually unchanged since 2004. The greenhouse looks like it's been to the Lexus/Nissan design school with its steeply raked C-pillar, although the camo doesn't give much away. What's visible of the front end shows a much more aggressive look for Acura, and judging by what appears to be a mesh grille and performance-oriented wheels, the model caught testing may be Acura's next stab at a sport model. The automaker's car lineup could use a shot in the arm to keep up with the competition, and with Honda's penchant for excellent quality and powertrains coupled with their outstanding AWD system, this new model should be great, whatever it may be.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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