Honda has big plans for the future. In addition to their already admirable goals of CO2 reductions, they called out from the rooftops earlier this month that they are going to be building next-generation clean diesel engines that will meet the Tier 2 BIN 5 NOx emissions standards here in the states, but will be selling them in Japan as well.

They did not announce that they planned on selling their flexible fuel iterations of the Civic and Fit here in the U.S. that those fortunate fellows in South America have been enjoying since the end of last year, but they did see fit to brag about their sales figures: 10,000 units, where over half of the Civics sold were flexible fuel models. Swell.

The best news here is that Honda will be selling a dedicated new hybrid model by 2009. Even better, pricing is intended to fall below that of the Civic Hybrid. As long as it's more practical than the Insight, I think we'll all be pretty happy with it at that price point.

[Source: Honda]

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