Newest marketing ploy: selling to someone while they're buying gas

One thing that I just can't imagine wanting to do while I'm filling my tank with gas (which takes an ever increasing amount of money) would be to watch advertisements on more stuff to spend my money on. But, what do I know? I haven't spent hours and hours of time taking marketing classes or anything like that. I'm just an average Joe who is forced to value his money... 'cause I've only got so much of it!

Gas stations have long reported that they make the majority of their profit not by selling gas, but by selling items from their convenience stores. You know, as expensive as gas is, a soda from inside costs more when you consider how much actual product you are getting for your money. And, the profit margins can be pretty high when it comes to the items sold inside the gas station. So, it is not surprising at all that gas station owners would want to get more people inside their stores. Again, because gas is expensive these days, fewer people are probably headed in to spend more money inside, right? So, new pumps and new software by Microsoft will allow station owners to advertise right at the pump. What better place to market to someone than when they are a captive audience? You're filling your tank with nothing to focus on... ooh, that candy bar sounds good, doesn't it! I bet it'll work.

[Source: Gizmag]

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