Confessions of an automotive quality engineer

Photo used for illustrative purposes only. Not one of the actual plants from article.

Ever wonder how seriously the workers really take their jobs on the automotive assembly lines of the world? Seriously, do they really think about us consumers when they are bolting together that subassembly? Are there definitive differences between the way domestic and import vehicles are made that we can really see in the finished product? Well, even if you haven't wondered, we have. And so has Christopher Neiger of AOL Autos. To get some answers, he interviewed an automotive quality engineer who has worked in several plants around the world, for domestic and import manufacturers. His findings are really fascinating. Click over to read the whole story, but let us tell you that there are definite differences between the imports and domestics, that the workers do care about the finished product, and that there are many more parts to this equation than we might imagine. It's well worth the clicking 'Read' below.

[Source: AOL Autos]

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