Cadillac offering clear taillamps on 2008 CTS?

We thought we knew almost everything there was to know about the new 2008 Cadillac CTS, but as these latest spy pics reveal GM still has a few tricks up its sleeve for the upcoming sedan. First up, these fresh-off-the-line production cars feature clear taillights for the first time. Look a little closer and you'll also notice the new 'CTS4' badges denoting that these are the new AWD variants.
According to the guys who photographed the cars, a second little badge was attached just above the CTS label that said 'Direct-Injection', meaning these new AWD versions were equipped with GM's new all-aluminum 3.6L V6 engine. With the direct-injection feature on board, the new V6 will develop up to 300hp.

Full production of the '08 CTS is expected to start by the end of summer with the first cars hitting showrooms by the fourth quarter.

The new taillamps certainly look striking in the picture, but we'll have to wait till we see them in real life to pass our judgement.

[Source: The GM Source]

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