Paris Hilton gives up her Range Rover for an Escape Hybrid, is scared for the environment

Today we have a report that puts one more hybrid in the not so capable hands of a celebrity. The celebrity: our favorite hotel heriess, Paris Hilton. The car: the Ford Escape hybrid. She apparently was given the car, which is nice, and will be replacing her Range Rover. The good news is that this gets one more gas guzzler off the roadways in Hollywood, the bad news is that Paris does not exactly have a shining driving record. AutoblogGreen is certainly no TMZ or anything, so I won't go into depth regarding her frequent run-ins with the law. Suffice it to say, though, that the law won.

Here are some of Paris' other revelations from BPM's green party at Los Angeles' Avalon nightclub:

"I'm getting a car from Ford, a hybrid one. They gave me one. So, I think driving hybrid cars is the new way to go, and recycling." She followed with, "I just want this world to be a better place for my grandchildren. I'm scared with what's going on in the environment, so I hope people will help and make a difference. Everyone can."

She is absolutely right about everyone being able to make a difference. By driving an Escape hybrid, Paris is making a statement that her fans hopefully will appreciate.


[Source: Tonight - tip from Linton, and The Evil Beet]

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