Just Gotta Scoot tests the Piaggo MP3, averages 73 mpg

The Piaggio MP3 scooter is no stranger to our website, and we have brought you a few reviews of the machine since it first hit our shores earlier this year. Just Gotta Scoot has just gotten their mitts on one, too, and here is their take. The machine differs from your standard scooter by offering two wheels up front, and maintains the ability to lean into turns. This makes the scooter more stable when cornering, especially when the ground is wet or unstable.

One aspect which is sure to please is the fuel mileage of the scooter. The version JGS tested had the larger 250cc engine and delivered a stellar 73 miles per gallon. This figure would likely be higher if the same engine were installed in a smaller and lighter scooter, which it is. Piaggio's 250cc engine is also used in the Vespa GTS (which was just recalled) and more. The reported top speed was over 70 miles per hour, so the machine is freeway capable, if barely. The main problem as noted by David, the reviewer was a lack of power from the engine. This is understandable with so much weight to carry around. Rumor has it that a 400cc version of the scooter will be available in the U.S. not too long from now. Of course, with a larger engine, the fuel mileage would take a hit. Compromises, as always!

[Source: Just Gotta Scoot]

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