AOL Autos reminds us of some alternative concept cars of the past

What do all of the following vehicles have in common?

Each one of them could be considered an alternative form of transportation, depending on your definition of alternative. Two of these vehicles, the Ford Nucleon and the Seattle were to be powered by nuclear energy.

The aerodynamic Ford Gyron had only two wheels and was to be help upright by its built-in gyroscope. It was to be powered by a fuel cell system of some sort, which had yet to be designed.

The Levicar was to levitate using magnetic forces and was powered by a blower motor. Reminds me of the air boats used in swamps!

The Ford Maxima was shaped like a jet and featured three wheels, which is a design theme that is seeing a resurgence these days. What was once old becomes new again.

One of my personal favorites is definitely the Chrysler Turbine. This was a car which was actually tested and had a good chance of seeing production. According to the all-knowing wiki, 55 of the machines were produced in total, and 4 of those are known to be in working order today. I wish that something like this would be looked at again, as technology has improved the efficiency of turbine engines, and they are capable of running using many varied fuels, including straight vegetable oil and biodiesel. Maybe someday...

[Source: AOL Autos]

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