VIDEO: Drifting's biggest crashes from Japan

Here's a reason to dislike drifting - mass carnage of beloved vintage or near-vintage RWD Japanese cars, many of them coupes. There's lots of AE86 Toyota two doors, I lost count of Nissan 240SXs, and when a 3rd generation RX-7 did its impression of an empty soda can, I nearly shed a tear. Were it not for the carnage, I'm finally starting to come around on the thrills that drifting can provide. It's still juvenile, but racing as a broad category will always have some level of direct communication with our inner 12-year-old. That's how racing works; it's what turns perfectly good 35 year old men into giggling schoolboys in short pants. It is impressive to watch the drivers float the cars through long sweepers, tail askew, and it almost (almost) makes me want to try it. Maybe with a media car. Check out the crack-up action after the jump.
[Source: trendpimp]

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