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Fiat ramps up 500 production to meet surging demand

Fiat's new diminutive retromobile is selling like proverbial hot-cakes, proving right early indications of the car's initial market popularity. With an initial run of 58,000 planned for this year, the Italian automaker has already received orders for 51,000 units from its dealers in Italy alone, and another 6,000 from France... just three weeks after the car's Italian launch and one week after debuting in France. Geez, does thing emit iPhones out its tailpipe?

To meet the surging demand, this year's production will increase from 58,000 to between 65 and 67,000 units, while subsequent years' production, originally earmarked at 120,000, will be increased to 140,000. In order to support the increased output, Fiat's plant in Tychy, Poland – where Fiat also produces the Panda supermini and upcoming Ford Ka following its launch next fall – will be considerably expanded, leapfrogging Fiat's largest Italian plant in Melfi to become the conglomorate's second largest worldwide, behind the Belo Horizonte plant in Brazil.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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