Citroen 2CVs make the trek from Paris to China and back

Former Le Mans racer Jacques Grelley has just kicked off a 75-day journey across 22,000 miles on what's sure to be one hell of a road trip, driving all the way from Paris to Beijing and back again. His trek will commemorate the 100th anniversary of a 1907 race, which saw five challengers travel the great distance often without roads or a map, and included Italian Prince Scipione Borghese who took top honors.

This year's race will be very different but we're sure the event will be every bit as adventurous as the original. For starters, 71 year old Grelley will be driving a 1979 Citroen 2CV, one of 50 such cars in this year's event, equipped with a GPS navigation system and K&N air filter.

The journey will travel en route through 18 different countries including Iran. Grelley was initially worried passing through the Balkans and the Middle East, but being the only American citizen competing, organizers say there's nothing to worry about if they stick together. "I trust them," Grelley assures.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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