Blue Crush: Groundsurf electric street surfboard

In celebration of the shipment of over 1,000,000,000 Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth SIG ( Special Interest Group) issued a release that contained a sampling of items the technology has been used in, ranging from a sweatshirt that sends a hug via text message when you, well, hug yourself in it, to a stuffed squirrel that intercepts calls for you and determines their importance based on who they're from and the urgency in the callers' voices. (No, we're not making it up). The device that might be of interest to ABGers, however, is the Groundsurf. It's a three-wheeled street-surfboard (apparently, the tri-wheel config enhances the feeling that you're surfing and not skating) that's powered by an electric motor. That motor's speed, in turn, is controlled by the rider's mobile phone via Bluetooth connection. Neato!

[Source: Bluetooth SIG]

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