Altairnano and AES collaborating on home energy storage

One of the biggest concerns with a large-scale move toward electric vehicles is the ability of the electrical grid to cope with the extra load. The grid is designed to have balanced loads across all points. If the loads in any area get too high or too low, the grid can collapse. Altairnano Technologies, creators of the NanoSafe batteries used the Phoenix SUT, are collaborating with AES on home energy storage systems.
Back in March power company AES invested $3 million in Altairnano. The home energy storage units could act as buffers to absorb power when there is an excess and release it when there isn't enough. The system could be used to store energy from solar panels or wind turbines for use when it's needed. If enough of these types of systems are installed in peoples houses it could allow power companies to put off building additional generating capacity.

[Source: CNET via Engadget]

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