Two mean: MTM TT Bimoto hits 244mph, looks good doing it

We've been privy to some interesting tuner creations over the years, but once you've enjoyed some seat time in a 1,000 HP Supra, tackled the bends in a turbo'd Elise and gotten The Fear piloting a Viper, everything else seems to pale in comparison. However, the be-all-end-all mod that leaves our mind reeling is when enterprising engineers decide to make a formerly FWD vehicle all-wheel-drive by throwing an engine in the boot. The folks over at MTM have done just that, and the TT Bimoto has just set a new official speed record of 393 km/h (244.2 MPH) at the Papenburg test track in Germany.

The second run, performed "under windy conditions, partial rain and temperatures of around 20 degrees centigrade" was made by the Seat Supercopa 2006 champ, Florian Gruber, and were precursors to the tuner's attempt at cracking the 400 km/h mark later this year in Nardo, Italy.

All the technical details of the TT Bimoto can be found here, but the nitty-gritty is simple: two 1.8-liter inline fours, mated to two DSG gearboxes send 740 HP down to all four wheels. Aside from the top speed run, which employed longer gear ratios, standard acceleration tests show that the Bimoto will reach 60 in under 3.5 seconds, an on to 200 km/h in approximately 9.9 seconds.

The price of insanity: 600,000 euro. For that kind of coin, we're looking forward to the Bimoto eclipsing the Veyron's top speed when it attacks the track in Italy later this year.

[Source: MTM]

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