Tesla now has 560 Roadster orders, on track for fall delivery of Job 1

San Jose Mercury News writer/blogger Matt Nauman wrote yesterday that Tesla has 560 orders for the all-electric Roadster, and that the first Roadsters should be delivered to the Premium buyers this fall. Tesla's David Vespremi told Nauman that they can make 800 Roadsters a year at the Lotus factory in the UK, and that all of them made in the first year will be 2008 models.
The 560 pre-orders shows how much faith people have in Tesla. The company isn't doing any advertising per se, but the Roadster appearing in an XBox game and certain celebrities (like Jay Leno and Condi Rice) are getting their test drives in. If you want to know who some of the 560 people are (well, I suppose some people might be ordering multiples), check out this post.

[Source: San Jose Mercury News]

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