Stop-start Minis coming in to Europe in September

Click the photo for a high-res gallery of the new Mini Cooper D

There has been talk of making Minis more green with a diesel option in the US recently. In unrelated news, we told you about the Smart ForTwo (among other cars) with a stop-start " micro-hybrid." In the fine tradition of unrelated things becoming related (Luke and Leia, how ya doing?), we now bring you news of upcoming Minis with stop-start technology, courtesy of Bosch. Automotive News Europe's Luca Ciferri says (subs req'd) these Minis, which will also have regenerative breaking, will go on sale in September and, for the diesel version at least, will have CO2 emissions that match a Prius.

Look for more information on the baby hybrid Minis at the Frankfurt auto show in September. BMW will also bring start-stop to the 3-series range

[Source: Automotive News Europe / Luca Ciferri (subs req'd)]

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