Britney Spears "Umbrella Attack" Ford Explorer for sale

Remember when bald-headed Britney Spears went bananas and attacked a paparazzo's SUV with a green umbrella? An armada of Martian flying saucers landing in Central Park's Sheep Meadow would have gotten less media attention. In any case, the owner either needs cash badly or simply came to the realization that in this celeb-addled society, there might be some sucker fan willing to pony up good money for this bit of tabloid memorabilia. It's up on eBay now, paired with the umbrella that was used in the "attack." The opening bid is $25,000 -- with the reserve still not having been met. When you consider that an '02 Explorer Sport has a private party resale value of around $9,000 according to, it might behoove the owner to just yank the reserve and take what he can get. After all, 25 grand is a lot for a used Explorer like this, and it won't be long before people stop caring entirely. Autoblog says: Take the money. Run.

UPDATE: Commenter naugahyde points out that the listing is vague, as it says it's for a Ford Explorer Sport with the actual umbrella-weapon. So it could possibly not be the Explorer Sport that suffered at the hands of the pop star. Now, based on auction telecasts we've seen, this should be no obstacle to the insane with money if it is, in fact, the case. Then it's simply known as a "recreation."

[Source: eBay via TMZ]

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