Australian diesels: not so squeaky clean...

Before the low sulfur diesel fuel that has become common here in the United States, it was impossible for automakers to install filters which would allow diesel engines to meet the requirements which were being imposed upon them. Fortunately, everything is coming together here in the States to allow for new clean diesel technology. Particulate filters, urea based injection systems and other technologies, combined with the low sulfur content in modern diesel fuel available here, have come together all at the same time.
Unfortunately, this article states that these technologies have not been adopted as of yet in Australia as they have been in Europe and in the U.S. The sulfur content in Australian diesel fuel also is of concern. Until the government there mandates changes in the emissions requirements from diesel engines, manufacturers are not as likely to install the expensive after-treatment devices and filters that they already use in Europe and America. As the article states, some manufacturers have stepped up the the plate, so the speak, but not all. Never having been in Australia, I can't really add any personal experience here, maybe a reader can give some insight into what is happening in Australia at the present to change the current state of diesel affairs.

[Source: Drive]

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