Dyno-might: Dragtimes gets the numbers on the LS3 Corvette

When we told you about our first encounter with Chevrolet's new 2008 Corvette, one of the highlights was the new LS3 engine. Up from 6.0 to 6.2 liters, the new base 'Vette motor promisea 430 hp, or 436 with the optional exhaust. That was a 30 hp bump over the '07s. Not content to let sleeping dogs lie, the gang over at LG Motorsports decided to strap one to a dyno to verify those numbers. And the results were spot on.

First up was the 6-speed auto. It returned a plot that showed peak horsepower of 370.8, with torque at 363.8 ft-lbs. With a drivetrain loss of about 16%, that is spot on. Next up was the 6-speed stick. It came back almost 20 hp better than the slushbox. The numbers were 389.5 hp and 377.4 ft-lbs of torque. That shows about a 10% loss for that engine/transmission combo. Even better.

And then, just for kicks, LG added "longtube headers, performance cam, ported intake, K&N aircharger, under-drive pulley and a custom tune" and got a quick boost of more than 100 hp at the rears. That car now shows 506.7 hp and 457.1 ft-lbs... at the wheels! One of the best performance for the dollar bargains on the planet, this '08 Corvette seems ready to take on the world.

[Source: Dragtimes]

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