California highway shut down due to road rage. Seriously.

California's Highway 138 was such a dangerous stretch of road that local authorities had taken to calling it "Blood Alley." To improve safety conditions and make the highway better overall for everyone traversing it, the government approved a $44 million road-widening project. Now, as you all know, these types of things are huge undertakings and driver inconvenience is one of the side effects.
Most people grit their teeth and suffer through the delays without making a big deal. Sure, they'll complain about them over their morning coffees at the office, but we all do that when road work interferes with our schedules. The state allowed the road to remain open during rush hour, but with restrictions. Escort vehicles led traffic through the work zone at a slow pace, one direction at a time. Naturally, that wasn't good enough for some commuters, and they took it out on the workers.

[Source: AP via Breitbart]

Construction workers doing highway projects have dangerous jobs. Many drivers don't respect what they're doing and put them in greater danger through negligence and inattentiveness. Every so often, we read of accidents that had tragic consequences as a result. Still, these aren't usually acts of malevolence. On Highway 138, that didn't seem to be the case, as Road Rage appeared to get the better of people.

The AP details several incidents, including one in which a worker was allegedly clipped by a motorist who was ultimately chased down at his home. Strangely, the accused had altered his appearance by shaving his moustache in the time it took the police to arrive. Another incident involved a worker who felt a stinging pain in her leg. When she looked down, she saw a BB laying on the ground next to it. Flying burritos (seriously) and acts of vandalism also plagued the site. The DOT even got a call from some crank who threatened to shoot at workers from a nearby water tower.

After a string of incidents, the DOT finally got fed up, and then it got tough. They shut down 138, and commuters are now forced to detour around the work zone completely. Unfortunately, local businesses are said to be feeling the economic effects of the reduction in traffic. On the upside, the widening project's now expected to be complete 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Maybe people will take notice of what happened here and think twice before acting like jackasses in the future. We won't hold our breath.

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