All that ZAZ! Russian tuners go all out on the USSR's people's car

ZAZ, or Zaporozhsky Avtomobilny Zavod, was the people's car for the USSR, built in the Ukraine, sturdy enough and just ugly enough to tackle anything the Soviet climate could throw at it. It's still got a bit of a following, conjuring for some the same nostalgia over there as the Beetle does over here. It is also, in the workshops of few folks with itchy hands and lurid paint schemes, a veritable artist's palette when it comes to transformation. The folks at English Russia have a gallery of ZAZ vehicles that have been transformed into the kind of cars used by the creatures in Where the Wild Things Are. There's one that's been turned into the wackiest Mk 1 M3 clone you've ever seen. When the inevitable Transformer's sequel comes, we'd like to recommend the producers consider creating a class of Autobots that all start out at ZAZ automobiles. They could be Eastern European mercenaries with thick accents. It'd be like having Dolph Lundgren back again...

[Source: English Russia]

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