Look, I know that some of you all going to be mad at me for posting this video because it doesn't include the segment about Lindsay Lohan's rapidly changing hairstyles. I'm sorry to disappoint all of you, but perhaps the information you get about the plug-in hybrid buses that a local school district in Tampa has purchased will cheer you back up. The video says that these two buses are the nations' first two in operation. After charging for six hours, the bus can save 70-100 percent of the gasoline and subsequent emissions, and as much as half from there. Obviously, the driving habits of the bus driver will impact the actual mileage. Perhaps driver training will be helpful. Something tells me that "former aerospace engineer turned bus driver Marion Patterson" will be able to adjust with no problem.

The follow-up report on the buses explains that each unit costs twice as much as a standard bus at $225,000, but they will be equipped with GPS units to track the wheels on the bus, which do in fact go 'round and 'round. Also, maintenance costs will be tallied to see how cost effective the plug-in buses prove to be.

[Source: Hugg, thanks Linton]

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