Porsche hybrids could be here sooner than expected

More news is emerging out of Germany about upcoming hybrids from Porsche. It has already been revealed that both the Cayenne and the Panamera sedan will be getting hybrid variants. It now looks like we might see a hybrid VW Touareg as soon as 2008 with a 50hp electric motor mated up to a 3.6L 280 V-6 engine. That powertrain would be migrated into the Cayenne in 2009 and may appear in the Panamera at its launch the same year. Unlike Lexus, it looks like Porsche is actually trying to create a more efficient version with the hybrids by using a smaller engine rather than mating the hybrid to their biggest gas engines. Of course this is all relative, since this thing will still be far from green.

[Source: AutoBild via GermanCarBlog]

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