Take a tour of the Audi Tradition warehouse

The rise of niche carmakers has given those with longer pedigrees -- say more than five years, at this point -- compelling reasons to start showing off their heritage. Audi, with nearly a century of history behind it, has an Audi Tradition center near its Ingolstadt headquarters, and a writer at Fourtitude just took a tour and posted plenty of pics. Among the treasures were the usual suspects -- Auto Unions in various states of assembly, Quattros, and race cars. There's also, though, a DKW Monza, motorcycles from sub-brand NSU, engines, the second generation sportback TT concept, 50 S and 100 S Coupes, and a whole lot more. The collection has more than 300 cars, and Fourtitude's got 233 photos. There should be a desktop tour like this every Saturday.

[Source: Fourtitude]

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