BusinessWeek profiles Tesla Motors

BusinessWeek has just published a profile of one of our favorite car companies Tesla Motors. The article doesn't really have much in the way of new information aside from the code name to the WhiteStar follow up. If all goes according to plan we should see the BlueStar in about five years with a targeted price of around $30,000. If you haven't been following the tale of Tesla Motors, the new article is a pretty decent primer that wraps up the story so far.

San Carlos, CA Tesla is being set up in much the same way as most Silicon Valley companies, with venture capital funding and the internal staff handling product design and development while manufacturing is outsourced. Employees also get stock options in the company. Even a different kind of car company needs some engineers with experience and they've hired a bunch of Detroit veterans at their facility in Rochester Hills, MI.

[Source: BusinessWeek, thanks to Darryl for the tip!]

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