Where is Fergie's love for her HUMMER? Will Will.i.am blow his up, as promised?

Do the Black Eyed Peas have a serious love/hate thing going on with their HUMMERs or what?
The group performed at the Wembley Stadium Live Earth concert in early July, and singer Will.i.am declared there that he would blow up his HUMMER. But now the show's over, and the heat of the moment has passed. A spokesman for Will says that, "He's going to crush it up and recycle it." Will.i.am is also on the list for getting a Tesla Roadster soon.

We've also heard rumors (like this one) that BEP singer Fergie got sick of her HUMMER. She sure doesn't look fed up with it in this video. But maybe the Live Earth concerts actually opened her mind to the nonsense that is driving a HUMMER. We've heard that Fergie auctioned her HUMMER and donated the money a carbon-neutral group (although wouldn't you think this sort of thing would be mentioned on something like Ecorazzi or TMZ, don't you? No dice). But auctioning off your HUMMER is not exactly the greenest thing Fergie could do.

Here are some options: She could have donated some money to TerraPass or CarbonNeutral and recycled the car like Will; she could pay to convert it to biodiesel or electric power, like the person who turned the H1 there in the pic to a mean, green machine; or how 'bout doing both: donate money, convert the car, and then give car away? You're Fergie, for crying out loud, you can do whatever you want. While blowing up your HUMMER certainly makes sure it's not on the road for others to use, if Live Earth made you want to change your ways, don't fall back into old habits now that the show's over.

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