The VR Concept from the man who gave Europe the C-Max

I don't think we've said this since at least yesterday, but when it comes to cars, Europe gets the best stuff. What you see above is only a concept, but it was dreamed up by Daniel Paulin, the gent who created Ford's C-Max -- which is a Europe-only offering -- as well as the original Focus concept and the FAB1 ship from the Thunderbirds film. Paulin left Ford, moved home to Sweden, and started the Paulin Motor Company. Its first product is this, a 2-seater called the VR Concept. Part Speed Racer, part sea creature, it's swoopy and planed at the same time. The lifting canopy is a pretty nifty evolution of Saab's Aero X jet fighter-style raising canopy. With that and the scissor doors, ingress and egress should be simple by even the most supercar-challenged body shapes. It would also make ejector seat installation a snap. Paulin is looking for partners to help put the car into production, and in the mean time will be producing three concepts per year, as well as an actual model for a motor show. As far as the VR goes, Mr. Paulin, we'll take it.

[Source: Auto Express]

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