Spy Shots: BMW X6 ditches the cladding

Following an onslaught of boring spy shots depicting the BMW X6 as a precision-engineered Conestoga wagon, Brenda Priddy and her minions have finally caught the forthcoming sport crossover minus the super-duty Halloween costume. And guess what: it looks good.
That sloping rear won't do much for cargo space, but the target audience is unlikely to give a rat's patootie, as the X6's neat crossover-coupe bodywork looks ready to win over Bimmer-shopping style mavens. Brenda Priddy notes that the car will only seat four as a result, despite being longer than the higher-capacity X5. Swoopier crossovers that sacrifice capacity at the altar of style appear to be a coming trend. The forthcoming Infiniti EX and Audi's Cross Coupe Quattro concept demonstrate that BMW's not alone in its thinking.

[Source: Winding Road]

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