Do Beethoven and Hyundai go together? Well, duh.

We can't name any specific brands, but we're sure Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" and Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5" have been commandeered for commercialism before. But we're almost positive this is the first time either have been sung by a chorus using only the word, "duh." As in, "Is gas too expensive? Well, duh."

The two classic compositions, as well as the "William Tell Overture," are being used in Hyundai's (or is that Hyunduh's) new sales push, "The Hyundai Big Duh Sales Event." They even set up a Web site ( where you can hear all three reworked pieces. Or, head to a Hyundai dealer, take one of their cars for a spin and get a CD with eight classics full of duh. The sale's theme is intended to make buyers think the rebate and financing deals Hyundai is offering are, of course, really good. Duh.

If you fancy yourself as being musically inclined, the special Web site provides a "duh" synthesizer that emits only "duhs." Record your song and play it back for all your adoring fans. Or at least in our case, our not-so-adoring fans. Duh.

For details on the sales, including rebate amounts, Hyundai's press is release is pasted after the jump.

[Source: Advertising Age]


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., 07/19/2007 Hyundai Motor America announced today the start of "The Big Duh Sales Event" with a national and spot broadcast, newspapers and interactive advertising campaign.

"It's the biggest no-brainer you can have when purchasing a new car this summer," remarked Chris Perry, Hyundai's senior national manager, marketing communications. "This campaign is friendly, approachable and pokes fun at traditional car sales event advertising."

The Hyundai brand value of "Smart/Good Thinking" was the basis for this summer sales campaign. The car shopper is making a smart decision in purchasing a Hyundai because of the value, safety and quality that is inherent in all Hyundai vehicles. Adding an extra cash incentive makes buying a Hyundai a very easy and obvious decision.

These creative "Duh" commercials have names like Sprach, Pink and Ride, which feature an iconic musical score backed by a choir. The choir is singing "Duh" throughout the score and features the cars set-up in a theater-like stage, complete with lighting.

The interactive component,, is where consumers will be able to create their very own "Duh" song and learn more about the sales event. The Big Duh Sales Event runs through September 4, 2007 at all Hyundai dealers nationwide.

The Big Duh Sales Event Details

Vehicle Current Cash Rebate Big Duh Bonus Cash
Sonata $2,000 $500
Santa Fe $1,000 $500
Tiburon 2.0L I4 $500 $500
Tiburon 2.7L V6 $1,000 $500
Tucson 2.0L I4 $1,000 $500
Tucson 2.7 L V6 $1,500 $500
Entourage $2,000 $500
Veracruz $500
Azera $1,000 $500

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