Connaught and Tesco team to save fuel and CO2 on home delivery

Connaught not only makes whopping hybrid sport coup├ęs (due for production later this year) but they have also developed a retro-fit hybrid technology that can be installed in current vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions, called HYBRID+
Connaught's first customer is Tesco, one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK. They're retrofitting those kits into seven Ford Transit vans from the delivery fleet for a six-month trial. Should this trial work fine, Tesco would gradually install the kit to the rest of the fleet.

The difference between HYBRID+ and other hybrid systems is that they use a lower-voltage set of capacitors instead of batteries that get charged with regenerative braking.

The announcement claims that it's the first time in home delivery that the fleet becomes hybridised, which saves both fuel at the pump and CO2 in the atmosphere.

The partnership between and Connaught is the first of its kind in the home delivery vehicle market involving hybridising a diesel engined light commercial vehicle. This not only significantly reduces fuel costs but also lowers the vehicle's carbon emissions over the whole of the vehicle life cycle. Savings are an estimated of 25 percent.

[Source: Tesco]

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