Spy Shots: 2008 Toyota Sequoia

Why bother even camoflaging the new Sequoia? We all know it's going to have a Tundra nose, with a closed-in tail. Woohoo. There will be detail differences, we're sure, but the more important details of the new Sequoia snaps that Priddy and Company snared are the underbits. Looking closely at the back end, an independent rear suspension appears to be fitted. That should help create more liveable space for third row passengers in what promises to be a cavernous interior, and it wouldn't be right to have the Armada prancing around with IRS while the Sequoia carried on with the live-axle setup that suspends the current truck.
The front view shows what may be a sensor for adaptive cruise control, which means this behemoth will now effortlessly ride the bumper of meek cars, threatening to crush them. Powertrains should be direct ports from the Tundra, so while it's stature may be glacial, its speed will not.

[Source: StraightLine]

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