Smith Electric Edison and Newton will bring electric trucks to the U.S.

Smith Electric vehicles are already sold in the U.K. and apparently there is expressed interest from fleet purchasers in the United States who want in on the fuel savings that the electric commercial vehicles can offer. In order to sell their electric vans and trucks here in the states, Smith is investing some $30 million in a new factory which will produce versions of the Edison and Newton electric utility vehicles.

Their Edison vehicle looks like the Mercedes/ Dodge Sprinter and can travel up to 50 miles per hour with a range of 150 miles. The Newton vehicle is a delivery vehicle which can get 130 miles from its four 278 volt batteries. Those batteries are the Zebra Z5 batteries which use Sodium Nickel Chloride technology. They also offer the Smith Faraday and the ST, which do not appear destined for America. Just the smallest and largest offerings are expected here.

[Source: Smith Electric Vehicles and Green Car Congress]

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