The Honda Fit has done quite well for the company having sold over two million copies under both the Fit and Jazz since it's initial introduction in 2002. A new, redesigned version of the B-Class car should debut in Japan this fall with a coming out at the Tokyo Motor Show in October likely. With the issues that Honda has had in Canada with the current Fit falling just shy of the mileage threshold for new tax breaks there, it seems likely that they won't waste any time bringing the new version north of the border as quickly as possible.

Speaking in Japan, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui also reiterated Honda's commitment to efficiency with both hybrids and diesel engines. A fifty state legal clean diesel will be coming to the US market in 2009 with the Accord as the likely first application. Honda is also continuing to develop their hybrid technology and the new dedicated hybrid model is coming out in 2009 at lower price point than the current $22,600 Civic Hybrid. Personally, I'd opt for the diesel.

[Source: Detroit News]

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