Grand Theft Auto, Malaysian style: 1 Porsche stolen by 1 thief... twice

The guy who pulled off this 2-part heist is probably now teaching cucumbers a thing or two about being cool, and instructing killer bees in the value of persistence. The unnamed -- and uncaught -- thief walked into a Porsche dealership in Malaysia nattily dressed and holding a checkbook. He asked if he could test drive a black 911. Once given the keys, he got in, started it up, and drove straight out through the dealer's plate glass window. There was only one thing he didn't realize: the car only had enough gas to go 2 km, so it took the police just 30 minutes to find it abandoned.

But this was no ordinary thief. When he abandoned the car, he took the keys. Then, when the police impounded the car, they put gas in it. Add it up... and you have the same Porsche stolen again, this time from police headquarters. You can read the first part of the heist here, the second, here. Neither the thief -- whom we'll call Cool Hand Ahmad -- nor the car has been found.

Thanks for the tip, Demio121!

[Source: Malaysian Star]

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