2008 Cadillac CTS to be first with Gracenote MusicID database

It looks like Cadillac will be the first company to offer the new Gracenote music library database in a car. Buyers of the new 2008 CTS will be able to get the system when the car goes on sale in August. Gracenote points out this will be the first time the MusicID database and Playlist products have been paired with an in-car entertainment system for the North American market. Sounds like a technicality, but it's a pretty sweet system.
What this means is that you can load all of your CDs into the system, have them copied, and then during playback the unit accesses a huge database to add track info. Things like album, artist and track names are a given, but the Gracenote system adds additional proprietary data like genre, artist type, era and region of origin. And then your personal collection can be searched and custom playlists developed using the data. How very iPod. Similar systems exist, but none are quite like Gracenote, and none have been factory available in the States until now.

[Source: just-auto - sub. req.]

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