Honda: 2,000,000 Fits sold worldwide

We've only had it here in the US since April of 2006, but the plucky little Honda Fit has been on sale in Japan and other markets since as far back as 2001. Suffice to say that the subcompact found an audience, as Honda has formally announced that as of the end of June, over 2 million Fits (including the name-engineered Jazz, which it's called in Europe and Asia/Oceana) have been sold worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Japan accounts for the lion's share, with almost half that number (962,000 to be exact) sold in the home market. Europe is next with 417,000. The US accounts for 77,000 cars since introduction last year. The next-generation Fit/Jazz is (finally) expected to bow at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

[Source: Honda]

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