Fuel cells cars being evaluated in Death Valley

Over the past decade, fuel cell cars have evolved from barely functional auto show concepts into fully functional, viable vehicles that can go upwards of 300 miles on a fill up. In most cases you can just hop and drive. There's just two little details to address, the cost of the fuel cell stack and availability of hydrogen. General Motors is confident that they will have the cost of their stack down to $50/kW making it equal to current gas engine powertrains within two years.
The Department of Energy has been aggressively supporting fuel cell programs and is currently sponsoring a National Hydrogen Learning Demonstration so that regular people can try out these new vehicles and provide feedback to manufacturers. One of the places these vehicles are being evaluated is Death Valley where car-makers regularly take their new models to check out hot weather performance in the 125°F heat. A camera wielding observer happened to catch some of the vehicles during a driver change including a Mercedes F-Cell and a Nissan FCV.

[Source: WorldCarFans.com]

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