eBay Find Of The Day: Terchero

What is it about the front-loaded form factor introduced by the Ford Ranchero in 1957 that the compulsion to modify other cars in its image is so great? Witness this first-generation Toyota Tercel - it's got a "needs to be fixed" list, but the bodywork looks darn good. It's hard to discern from the fuzzy pictures whether the claim of a professional conversion is bogus, or if this is one of those bondo buckets that waves back at you when you sight down the quarter panel. Nevertheless, you could have a lot of fun with this stubby trucklet. It'd be a cheap way to have fun at car shows, and we can't imagine a much less expensive vehicle to maintain. The color scheme looks rather handsome, actually, and the Cadillac taillights look pretty slick in this application. This appears to be a vehicle that was done up a while ago and then put away for some time. Older restorations can be hoary little chestnuts, so if you're going to bid, find a buddy in York, PA who can go take a look.

Thanks to tipster Matt!

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