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Auto Lexicon: Top 5 four-wheeled metaphors

Here's a fun column we came across talking about cars as metaphors. Kind of like referring to something as the "Rolls-Royce" of its industry means it's the best (or most expensive, perhaps). The writer, Miss Cellania, lists five vehicles that rightly or wrongly have come to be symbols of the worst from the automotive sector. All five of her picks are instantly recognizable for their place in motoring history. While we empathize with owners of these vehicles because they frequently have endearing qualities, we understand the reasons they have been chosen. Here's the list, but we encourage you to click over to Mental Floss to hear the explanations of how they earned their often unfair reps.

1. Edsel = Failure
2. Corvair = Unsafe
3. Pinto = Volatile
4. DeLorean = Overhyped
5. Yugo = Shoddy

While the DeLorean might be a bit of a stretch as being overhyped, the rest seem appropriate. These are a good start, but we're sure you all can come up with a whole bunch more.

Thanks for the tip, C. McFeeny!

[Source: Mental Floss]

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