Rolls-Royce (except the automotive branch, which is in different hands) has released their 2007 Environmental Impact Report in which they claim that RR's products pollute 30 percent less CO2 than in 1998 (when the first report was issued). This document also claims that the marque is investing more than 170 million GBP in improving environmental performance.

Speaking about the different sectors Rolls-Royce works in, aviation is the least flattering, because although aviation is responsible of 2 percent of CO2 emissions and planes use 50 percent less fuel per passenger, there is still work that can be done. When relating to their nautical business, ships are responsible for three percent of CO2 although they produce significant quantities of sulphur (SOx) and nitrogenous oxides (NOx).

Rolls-Royce is currently developing new gas turbines, claimed to be "more efficient, clean and silent," investing in fuel cells and in renewable energies, such as turbines that produce electricity from tidal waves.

[Source: Rolls-Royce via]

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