Pass the dutchie: Hansen GTR supercar

Forget about YouTube, supercars are the new user-generated content. Is there anyone who isn't making one? I really wouldn't be surprised if my neighbor lifted his garage one day announced he was trying to get his home-baked superspeeder ready for the LA Auto Show. Now the Dutch, who have already given us Spyker and Vandenbrink, have a new supercar maker in the form of Hansen Sportscars with its track duty GT-R and road duty GT. The spaceframe GT-R will have a carbon semi-monocoque with integrated rollcage, a laminate windshield, and a 1,100 kg dry weight. Power will come from a 5-liter V10 with more than 500 bhp and 350 ft-lb. The car has no electronic aids, in order to promote driver involvement and driver skill, which probably means quite a few of them will end up in the bushes. If you think you recognize the name in the picture above, that's because the car was designed by Ernesto Freitas, the same Portuguese gent who gave us the Dino we reported on a few days ago. The car is set to launch this year. No price has been announced... and you know what that means.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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