A technician friend once opened the hood of a 1994 Topaz to find everything under the hood was covered in aluminum foil. When he asked the lady why she would do such a thing, she said it was because the government was following her. At the time we thought she was crazy, but she just may have been onto something. Lawmakers in California are doing their best to paint Mercedes Benz into a corner by trying to force the luxury automaker to use the GPS in a suspect's S430 to help bring him to justice. The individual in question allegedly struck and killed a jaywalking pedestrian and drove off. So far, Mercedes has flat-out refused to be helpful in the investigation, choosing instead to protect the privacy of one of their valued customers.

We can definitely understand why Mercedes would have trouble using one of its most expensive options against the very customer that shelled out the big bucks to get it. At the same time, law enforcement is looking for any way to get a beat on crime to keep us safe. As you read this, thugs, drug dealers, and bookies across the nation are hitting Google to find ways to disable their navigation systems.

[Source: Engadget]

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