Ford Focus the one bright spot among domestic small car sales

While the sales of other domestic brand small cars like the Chevy Aveo and Cobalt, Pontiac Vibe and Dodge Caliber all had sales declines in June compared to 2006, one big exception is the Ford Focus. June sales of the Focus jumper by almost twenty percent. This all happened in spite of gas prices that were above $3 a gallon in much of the country.

While it is certainly probable that at least part of the reason for the sales jump is the $2,500 in cash that Ford is giving out to buyers, another reason may be that people have seen the styling of the upcoming 2008 Focus and want to grab one of the older ones while they still can. With those rebates, if you're in the market for a decent small car, the current Focus might be worth checking out.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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