E tu Zenn? Advertorial messaging in the EV world

What is it with small electric car companies and paid promotion? We just took a look at Zap's somewhat questionable dealings with the website RenewableEnergyStocks. And look, here comes Ian Clifford, Chief Executive Officer of ZENN Motor Company in an interview on WallSt.net, something ZENN is paying WallSt.net's parent company, Financial Filings Corp., $280 to disseminate. They pay, and you still have to watch someone else's ad before you get to the site. Bummers.
If you go to Wallst.net, you can search the audio archives and see that Zap used to participate in the site, too, back in 2004 and 2005. Guess whatever benefits WallSt.net promises weren't enough to keep Zap coming back.

Paid announcements on investment sites aside, ZENN NEVs could be a good fit for some people. You can learn more about them in this video. For all the other news AutoblogGreen has covered about ZENN - with no money changing hands anywhere - click here.

[Source: WallSt.net]

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